I have tricare for life.

Military retirees with TRICARE For Life coverage may consider Medicare Advantage plans that do not include prescription drug coverage.  You will want to keep your TRICARE For Life member prescription drug coverage.  Plans include access to specialists outside the VA network and walk-in care all over the country.    

A Medicare Advantage plan could provide you with options beyond VA healthcare, including dental coverage with no-cost semi-annual cleanings and checkups with X-rays.  You may also be able to get money back in your Social Security check by lowering what you pay for your Medicare Part B premium with the Medicare Part B Giveback Benefit. 

I have Champ va.

CHAMPVA is a health benefits program in which VA shares the cost of health care services and supplies with the spouse or widow(er) and children of certain veterans.  CHAMPVA requires beneficiaries who are eligible for Medicare Part A to also be enrolled in Medicare Part B, with rare exceptions. 

Joining a Medicare drug plan is voluntary for CHAMPVA beneficiaries who want additional coverage.  CHAMPVA beneficiaries may fill their prescriptions at retail pharmacies and obtain maintenance prescriptions through the no-cost “Meds by Mail” program.  There is no deductible applied to prescriptions obtained through the Meds by Mail program.    

CHAMPVA and Medicare Advantage

The Medicare Advantage Plan is viewed the same as having Medicare Parts A and Medicare Parts B, so there is no impact on your CHAMPVA eligibility.  Medicare Advantage plans (Medicare Part C) provides you the benefits you would receive under both Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B.  CHAMPVA is always working to improve their service to you and are committed to getting you accurate and timely information about your benefits and giving you a variety of ways to obtain the needed information.  You can obtain information and request forms through their interactive voice response system, without waiting to speak to a customer service representative by calling 800-733-8387. 

I Have Veterans Affairs (VA) Benefits.

Veterans receiving VA health benefits may consider a Medicare Advantage plan with prescription drug coverage.  These plans give you access to care and services your VA benefits may not cover.  Most Medicare Advantage plans include prescription drug coverage. 

Tricare for life and Medicare Advantage

TRICARE For Life is a Medicare-wraparound coverage for TRICARE beneficiaries who have Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, regardless of age or where you live.  If you’re eligible for TRICARE For Life (TFL) and have Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, TRICARE For Life provides wraparound coverage which pays your out-of-pocket costs in Original Medicare for TRICARE covered services.  Medicare and TRICARE coordinate benefits which eliminates the need for you to file claims. (TFL) provides comprehensive health care coverage and you have the freedom to seek care from any Medicare-participating or Medicare non-participating providers.    

Additional Benefits

Part B Premium Reduction

When you enroll in a plan with a Part B Premium Reduction, you will see a reduced amount in the monthly premium you pay to the Social Security Administration.


Dentists recommend routine checkups and cleanings every 6 months to monitor and maintain you dental health.  Get coverage for preventive and comprehensive services.  


Benefits will vary by plan but Medicare Advantage covers routine eye exams to diagnose and treat diseases of the eye.  Some plans cover eyeglasses, contacts, and fittings for frames and lenses.


Medicare doesn’t cover hearings aids or exams for fitting hearing aids which means you pay 100% with Original Medicare.  Medicare Advantage’s hearing coverage makes this one a no-brainer. 

Silver Sneakers® Fitness Program

Membership at participating SilverSneakers® facilities and access to online wellness related tools, planners, newsletters and classes, at no extra cost.  You might even be eligible for a home fitness kit. 

Over-The-Counter Credits

Medicare Over-The-Counter drug cards provide an allowance each month or quarter for health and wellness products.  Benefits become more popular each year and use easy online ordering.

COVID-19 Testing And Treatment

Beneficiaries may receive coverage for testing and treatment for services for COVID-19.  Members might also receive meals after a positive COVID-19 diagnosis. 

Deliver Fresh Meal Program

Once you return home from an overnight stay in the hospital or skilled nursing facility you may be eligible for freshly prepared nutritious meals delivered to your door at no cost to you.  

Is a Medicare Advantage Only plan for Veterans right for me?