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The Medicare Silver Sneakers Program

Staying active is one key way that you can maintain your health and quality of life into retirement. In light of this, Medicare collaborates with the Silver Sneakers fitness program. If you qualify, then you enjoy numerous benefits beginning with free access to over 14,000 gyms. But that raises questions about what Silver Sneakers is and how you qualify for it.

Medicare beneficiaries can acquire the Silver Sneakers plan through their health coverage. It entails a diverse range of programs aimed at supporting your physical health. Tens of thousands of gyms offering you free entry are just the start.

The gyms that participate in Silver Sneakers programs often go the extra mile to support our older citizens. They include special classes that only members of the program have access to, which provides a more relatable environment tailored to you. In addition to easier access to equipment, the employees often lead groups in exercises. However, the benefits of this program extend beyond the gym.

Enjoy fitness, not a big fan of the gym? Then the FLEX program within Silver Sneakers is just what you’re looking for. It incorporates yoga, hiking, and other forms of activity outside the gym. You might exercise in parks, churches, and various public areas. Additionally, you’ll receive invitations to health and wellness seminars that are filled with worthwhile information.