Dual Special Needs

Dual Special Needs Plans are for people who have medicare and medicaid.

Dual Special Needs Plans are designed for a special population called Dual Eligibles.  A Dual Special Needs Plan (D-SNP) is a unique Medicare Advantage plan customized by combining your Medicare Part A and Part B benefits, along with your Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage.  

You’ll get extra support to help coordinate the plan with your Medicaid plan called a Coordination of Benefits.  In addition, a dual health plan provides extra benefits not provided by either Medicare or Medicaid. 

If you’re eligible for Medicare and Medicaid you may have the flexibility to join, switch or change your Medicare Advantage or prescription drug coverage outside of the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP).

Qualifications for a d-snp

To qualify for a D-SNP, you must receive Original Medicare (Parts A + B) and a level of Medicaid eligibility.  Depending on the amount of Medicaid benefits you receive, you may be considered a full dual-eligible or a partial dual-eligible.  If you receive full Medicaid benefits, you will be fully dual-eligible.  If you receive partial Medicaid benefits, you will be considered a partial dual-eligible.  

Extra benefits for a d-snp

Dental, vision and hearing coverage, care coordination via a personal care coordinator, personal emergency response system (PERS), tele-health options such as virtual medical visits with your doctor, credits to buy health products, plus transportation assistance and more.  These are just a handful of examples of the extra benefits Dual Special Needs Plans typically include.  Be sure to look at what’s available where you live. 

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Extra Help with medicare prescription drug plan costs | Low Income Subsidy (LIS)

The Low Income Subsidy (LIS) helps people with Medicare pay for prescription drugs, and lowers the costs of Medicare prescription drug coverage.  We work to help people find and enroll for the LIS and we encourage others to tell people in their communities about it.  

Medicare beneficiaries can qualify for Extra Help paying for their monthly premiums, annual deductibles, and co-payments related to Medicare prescription drug coverage.  To qualify for Extra Help, you must be receiving Medicare and have limited assets and income.

Benefits and Features


Healthy Foods & OTC Credits

Healthy grocery delivery from participating network retail locations. Once you return home from an overnight stay in the hospital or skilled nursing facility, most plans deliver freshly prepared nutritious meals delivered to your door at no cost.

Telehealth & Virtual Visits

24 hours per day, 7 days per week virtual visit access to board certified doctors to help address general medical, behavioral health, dermatology and more. Some telehealth consults may require an internet connection and a camera-enabled device.  

Flex Cards

The Flex Card benefit is a debit card that may be used to reduce out of pocket expenses at a dental, vision or hearing provider that accepts the card carrier. Some Flex Cards also provide a benefit to help pay for utilities like electric, water, gas and sewage. 



The first step to staying healthy is getting to your doctor.  That’s why most plans cover trips to and from approved locations, such as medically related appointments, gyms and pharmacies.  We want to make sure you get the care you need, when you need it.